There is the limit on RPS (request per seconds), it should be less than 100 per minute.




Use your Client ID and API token values to access the API. Pass them via X-Auth-Token and X-Auth-Id headers, respectively. Reach us at [email protected] if you don’t have them.




Starting August 1st, 2024, the v=1 version of HypeAuditor API Solutions will be deprecated. This means that it will no longer be supported or maintained, and users are encouraged to migrate to the latest version, v=2 , to ensure continued functionality and access to the latest features and improvements.

Please update your systems accordingly to avoid any disruptions.



Versioning is controlled by the v parameter, which is a code that represents the “version” of the API you expect from HypeAuditor.

It is designed to give developers the freedom to adapt to HypeAuditor API changes on their own schedule. The value of the v parameter is string. As a concrete example, suppose we introduce a change in the future that renames all our id fields to foo.

Version parameter is optional. If it’s not passed as a part of an API request we default it to latest version. We recommend setting a single version across all of your API calls and launching your app with API calls using this version. Current version is 2019-10-18


Method: POST

Please, check the following docs to see endpoint names and response results:


Response comes with Content-Type: application/json header. Start with checking response HTTP code. If you receive something different than 200, then error description will be in error.description key.

HTTP codes

  • 500 - Internal Server Error — service temporary unavailable, try later.
  • 400 - Bad request — check request parameters
  • 402 - Payment Required — your account is out of credits or API Access expired, you need to purchase more at HypeAuditor or contact [email protected].
  • 403 - Unauthorized — Check API token OR Private account/Account does not have posts. Note: your API token changes when you change password
  • 404 - Not Found — User/page not found
  • 429 - Too many requests
  • 200 - OK
  • 202 - Accepted — Report requested and being generated. Response body contains result.retryTtl field with the number of seconds to retry after. If after retryTtl seconds report is still not ready, you get code 202 again. In case of success you get code 200. Available only for Instagram reports

Response body success

    "result": {
       ..., // some result
       "restTokens": 500 // credits left on your balance
       "validUntil": int // unix timestamp in seconds

Response body error

  "error": {
       "description": "Sample Description"